At All Costs - the Bibliography  

By Sam Moses

Selected Books

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Journals, dairies, transcripts, unpublished memoirs, reports, correspondence, commentary

Frederick Larsen

Francis Dales

John Follansbee, "Swans in the Maelstrom"

Allan Shaw

Captain Dudley Mason

Douglas Hunter Gray

James Wyld

Dennis Cooke

George Amyes

Frank Pike

Anthony Kimmins

Kaptein Helmut Rosenbaum

Ray Morton

Desmond Dickens



Minda Larsen (Mrs. Fred Larsen)

Marjorie Dales (Mrs. Francis Dales)

Allan Shaw (veteran SS Ohio)

George Nye (veteran SS Santa Elisa)

George Amyes (veteran HMS Eagle)

Charles Henry Walker (veteran HMS Ledbury)

Reg Coaker (veteran HMS Bramham)

Dr. John Nixon (veteran HMS Ledbury)

Freddie Treves (veteran SS Waimarama)

Ron Linton (veteran SS Dorset)

Les Goodenough (veteran HMS Eagle)

Don Allen (veteran HMS Ledbury)

Andrew Forrest (veteran HMS Penn)

Dennis Cooke (veteran RAF Malta)

Francis J. Dooley (former shipmate Captain Fred Larsen)

Jan F. Larsen (son Fred Larsen)

Sandra Larsen Hosay (daughter Fred Larsen)

Scott Larsen (grandson Fred Larsen)

Clifford H. Dales (son Francis Dales)

Donna Dales Lovett (daughter Francis Dales)

Kitty Dales (Mrs. Bertram Dales, sister-in-law Francis Dales)

John Follansbee (son John "Jack" Follansbee)

Frank Pike (veteran Santa Elisa)

Peter Forcanser (veteran Santa Elisa)

James Johnson (veteran Santa Elisa)

Ray Morton (veteran SS Ohio)

Danny O'Mara (veteran Brisbane Star)

Frank Balcombe (veteran HMS Eagle)

Alan Barnett (veteran SS Waimarama)

Harold Myers (veteran Almeria Lykes)

Peter Rothwell (veteran Spitfire pilot RAF Malta)

Peter Mitchell (son of Spitfire designer)

Ray Polidano (Malta Aviation Museum Foundation)

Captain Warren Leback (former Grace Line shipmate of Captain Tommy Thomson)

Captain Arthur Moore (author, veteran U.S. Merchant Marine)

Bill Kooiman (author, veteran Grace Line)

Simon Cusens (organizer Operation Pedestal reunions)

Miriam Devine (child veteran, Siege of Malta)

Joe Darmanin (child veteran, Siege of Malta)

Tony DiMicoli (child veteran, Siege of Malta)

J.T. Turner, Jr. (former employer Francis Dales)

Mary Stone Hargrove (childhood friend Francis Dales)

Eleanor Johnson (childhood friend Francis Dales)

Charles Johnson (childhood friend Francis Dales)

Rusty Bailie (cousin Francis Dales, family historian)

Rollin Hansen (former shipmate Francis Dales)


Royal Navy Letters of Proceeding, from The National Archives, London

Operation Pedestal:

Acting Vice Admiral Neville Syfret; Commander of the Fleet

Rear Admiral Harold Burrough; Commander Force X

Admiral R. Leatham; Vice Admiral Malta

Rear Admiral A.L. St.G.Lyster; Commander Fleet Air Arm

Air Vice Marshal Keith Park; Commanding Air Officer, RAF Mediterranean

SS Ohio; Lieutenant D.E. Barton, liaison officer

SS Santa Elisa ; Lieutenant Commander A. Barnes, liaison officer

SS Almeria Lykes; Lieutenant Commander H.D.S. Marshall, liaison officer

SS Port Chalmers; A.G. Venables, commander (RN retired), Commodore of the Merchant Fleet

SS Waimarama; Mr. John Jackson, 3rd wireless operator

SS Melbourne Star; (signature illegible), liaison officer

SS Dorset; Captain Jack Tuckett

SS Dorset; Lieutenant P.T. Bernard, liaison officer

SS Brisbane Star ; Lieutenant E.D. Symes, liaison officer

SS Glenorchy; Mr. B.H. Skilling, 2nd officer

SS Empire Hope; Captain Gwilym Williams

SS Wairangi; Captain H.R. Gordon

SS Clan Ferguson; Mr. A.H. Black, 2nd officer

SS Deucalion; Captain Ramsay Brown

SS Rochester Castle; Captain Richard Wren

SS Rochester Castle; Lieutenant E.J Reisfield, liaison officer

HMS Eagle; Captain Lachlan D. Mackintosh

HMS Indomitable; Captain Tom Troubridge

HMS Furious; (Operation Bellows) Captain T.O. Bulteel

HMS Ledbury; Lieutenant Commander Roger Hill

HMS Penn; Lieutenant Commander J.H. Swain

HMS Bramham; Lieutenant Eddie Baines

HMS Ashanti;  Commander R.G. Onslow

HMS Kenya; Captain A.S. Russell

HMS Nigeria; Captain S.H. Paton

HMS Cairo; Commander C.C. Hardy

HMS Manchester; Sub-Lieutenant F.H. Munro

HMS Eskimo; Commander E.G. Le Geyt

HMS Somali; Commander E.N. Currey

HMS Pathfinder; Commander E.A. Gibbs

HMS Wolverine; Lieutenant Commander Peter Gretton

HMS Ithuriel; Lieutenant Commander D.H. Maitland-Makgill-Crichton

Boarding of Italian Submarine; Lieutenant J.R. Evans, HMS Ithuriel

Operation Statue (the towing of Ohio by tugboats); Commander H.J. Jerome

HMS Robust; J.P. Pilditch, commander (RN retired), Assistant King's Harbour Master

Operation Harpoon/Vigorous:

Admiral Henry Harwood; Commander in Chief, Mediterranean

HMS Cairo; Acting Captain C.C. Hardy

SS Kentucky; Captain C.J. Roberts

SS Kentucky; Lieutenant Huntley, liaison officer

HMS Partridge; Lieutenant Commander W.A. Hawkins

SS Troilus; J.P. Pilditch, commander (retired), Commodore of the Convoy

Operation Hats:

HMS Illustrious; Captain Denis Boyd